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Automating clinical workflow of the cardiologists.


2D transthoracic echocardiography (abbr. 2D TTE) is a non-invasive and completely safe heart imaging modality.

It is the method of choice giving a huge load of information about heart's function.


Heart ultrasound examination creates a lot of burden for medical doctors because it is mostly a manual procedure. In fact, it may take up to 85% of total examination time on pressing the ultrasound machine's buttons. Moreover, one must be a skilled and experienced physician to come up with accurate results.

Echocardiography workflow automation

We develop a software for the automated heart ultrasound imaging workflow. Essentially, it is Deep Learning algorithms capable of recognising different heart ultrasound image views and then performing the required measurements.

In other words, it replicates the steps normally done by a cardiologist when performing the heart ultrasound examination.

This approach allows to reduce the average examination time by at least 50% and increase the overall accuracy.

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