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Accurate. Fast. User friendly.

Ligence Heart™

Analyse Echocardiography in Tandem with AI




Embrace Innovation.
Focus on what matters.

Imagine having a colleague that never gets tired. Anything is possible with Artificial Intelligence. No matter what your workflow is, our system seamlessly operates with your current devices and software. 

Using deep neural networks to make measurements, you get more time to make decisions and provide better care to your patients. Effective collaboration with AI ensures that you are always in control.


What We Offer

Let us take care of your workflow and remove all obstacles. Ligence Heart is out of box web-based fully integrated echocardiography analysis suite.

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Simple user interface

Get started in minutes! Modern and easy to use interface lets you become a professional user in no time.

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Reliable and Interactive  AI

Review and adjust AI measurements to get the exact results that you want. Work in tandem with AI to optimise your output.


Integration with other software

Import data from other systems and export results in a human-readable format. Add AI functionalities to your current workflow.


Intuitive review and reporting

Easy to use pre-generated reporting using your local language and templates. Spot pathological measurements and make summaries in seconds.

Instant Heart Health Analysis: Red-coded results highlight abnormalities above/below limits


Revolutionize Your Heart Health Analysis: Our AI Technology's Segmentation Capabilities

Transform the way you monitor heart health with AI technology: Screen for heart disease with unparalleled precision.

Automated analysis for:

  • Heart failure

  • Aortic stenosis

  • Left ventricular hypertrophy

  • Systolic/diastolic dysfunction

  • Pulmonary hypertension

Built for Medical professionals

Provide evidence-based care and use tools that are verified in research. We collaborate with well-known hospitals and world-class leaders in cardiac ultrasound imaging to produce the best results and highest quality research.

Doctor's Desk

Integrate with other software

Hospitals use many standards for communicating information across medical devices and software. We have it all covered. Do you have a unique situation or in-house-made software? No need to worry, we will make personalized solutions and APIs to work with any system.

What Our Users Say


Tautvydas Platukis, MD, Cardiologist

“Easy to handle, but powerful and practical, time-saving tool in everyday clinical work.”


Ruta Zvirblyte, MD, PhD, Cardiologist

“We usually analyse 2D TTE in real time, however Ligence is great for reviewing difficult cases with a team and tracking heart function dynamics.”


Gintare Sakalyte, MD, PhD, Cardiologist

“We used this software for research purposes. The accuracy of measurement was surprisingly good.”

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