Try out or create novel algorithms

For example, RV strain

Analyze inter-operator variability

when measurements are performed with automation versus without

Perform re-analysis


in, for example, measuring FAC in 100+ patient cohort

Are you a cardiologist? Download our presentation here on disease groups our product can analyse.

A cardiologist or a technician perfoms a heart ultrasound examination (TTE)

A report with exact measurements and suggestive diagnosis is generated

During the procedure, on average 30 images of the heart (in DICOM format) are taken and sent to a server

Measurements are performed by Artificial intelligence in 5 minutes instead of 30. 

Cardiologist validates the measurements and announces the diagnosis

In brief, Ligence Heart provides artificial intelligence algorithms to mimic steps performed by a cardiologist during a regular heart ultrasound examination and speed up the analysis of 2D transthoracic echocardiography (TTE). Instead of doing manual measurements, cardiologist can now spend either more time with a patient or admit more patients.

Try our DEMO version or partner with us in research

Compare accuracy

of AI versus physician in calculating LVEF, FAC, etc.

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